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Horse Racing Pictures & Famous Horses Oil Paintings & Portraits

harvey_maysonEquestrian Artist Harvey Mayson

Harvey Mayson is a talented professional artist who studied for his Fine Art degree at Liverpool and now works from home in Sussex. His works include famous horses such as Desert Orchid, Shergar and recent requests for Milton and Cruise Missile, horse and racing portraits in oil being his speciality. Harvey can work from photographs in a variety of mediums and is always happy to discuss the composition and style of your commissioned painting. He has exhibited locally and also works in graphic design and photography.

Seldom does one see such diversity in an artist's work. Harvey's passion and flair for detail in his pictures and paintings of horses racing and jumping is continually reflected whether it be in oils, pastels, watercolors or the lens of a camera. Harvey Mayson successfully captures both the beauty and realism, yet still demonstrates that perfect ability to bring wit and charm to any subject in his pictures.

Harvey Mason Equestrian Artist
desrt orchid


racing horses


pastel drawing
race horse


bay race horse


at the start



pastel picture of race horses


oil painting of race horses


pictures of horses_9


pictures of horses_10



pictures of horses_11


pictures of horse_3



pictures of horses_13


pictures of horses_14


pictures of horses_15


portraits of horses heads


warm up your horses


pictures of horses_18
pictures of horses_19


waterclours of horses

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